Posted 20th September 2021

Residential leasehold management has never been an easy profession, but recently it has proved to be tougher than ever. With the cladding and building safety crisis and proposed leasehold reform (each huge challenges in their own right) happening during a global pandemic, the resilience of many property management professionals is being tested to the limit.

Communication with our customers is a high priority for RMG and we value feedback on the services we provide. We understand that we are often dealing with issues about people’s homes and the wider community in which they live and that this emotional attachment can cause customers distress. However, I am sure you will understand that it is also important that we protect our staff from abuse and unreasonable behaviour.

Industry bodies ARMA and IRPM recently teamed up to conduct an Industry Wellbeing Survey Report, in order to find out what the issues of concern were for professionals in the industry. In response to the data that they collected during this survey ARMA and IRPM have created their new Unreasonable Behaviour Policy to highlight unreasonable forms of behaviour and set a framework for dealing with breaches as and when they arise. RMG have agreed to support and implement this policy.

The policy is designed to prevent our staff experiencing unreasonable distress at work, and to ensure that they are not expected to meet unreasonable demands. We ask that customers treat our staff with respect, and we will not accept rude, aggressive or abusive conduct.

The policy highlights the circumstances in which our staff may terminate phone calls, limit contact and/or inform other authorities.

For more information about the ARMA & IRPM Unreasonable Behaviour Policy, please click here