What are the additional charges RMG London could charge a Leaseholder?

The following is a summary of situations that may incur a charge to be levied by RMG London.

  • Reminder Fee – This charge may be applied should an account holder not settle their account within 28 days of the invoice send date.
  • Land Registry Search – A land registry search may be carried out to ascertain if an account holder has an alternative address that may be used to forward an overdue invoice.
  • Debt Referral Admin Fee – An administration charge which may be levied during the debt collection process.
  • Instalment Fee – Subject to the terms of a lease an Instalment Fee may be applicable if an account holder wishes to settle their account balance in 3 or more instalments. The charge is applicable once per service charge year and covers the processing of each additional instalment. Should the account balance be settled in up to 2 instalments, the charge does not apply.
  • Returned Cheque Fee – Should a cheque be processed with insufficient funds in the account a returned cheque fee may be charged.